UFO means "Unidentified Flying Object"

seal "Juhō (Long Life and Treasure)"

His works can be found in the Abbey collection, MET, NY.

He regularly exhibited at the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition (Nihon Dentō Kōgeikai).

1948 Shiotsuki Juran was born in Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku Island.

1975: Graduated from the Beppu High School, Wood Crafting department, studied under Ichihara Kaunsai 市原華雲斎

1976 onward: he exhibited at numerous exhibitions, and in 1982 became a member of the Japan Traditional Arts Crafts Exhibitions (Nihon dento kogei kai)

1989: He was awarded with the Chairman Award from the Japan Traditional Arts Crafts Exhibition.

1990: He made a flower basket with 18K gold

After 1990 he continued to exhibit at the Japan Sencha Tea Ceremony Art Exhibitions (Nihon Sencha kogei ten) and was given awards.

1999: He was invited to show his work at “100 Selections of Contemporary Japanese Craft Exhibition” held at the Mitsukoshi Etoile Department, Paris.

2002: He won the Ministry of Education and Science award at the 16th Nihon Sencha Kogei ten (Japan Sencha Tea Ceremony related art exhibition).

2002: He won the award of excellence at the Asago Geijutsu no mori taisho-ten [Asago Art Village Award, Asago city, Hyogo prefecture]

Catalogue 25th Daisan Bunmei Exhibition held in 1993. The exhibition began in Tokyo and travelled to Shizuoka