Satoh Haruo


(born 1961)

"The call of bamboo" is a very powerful one in Japan. Just like Oita artist Yokoyama Osamu, Satoh Haruo was irresistibly drawn to this natural raw material and decided to leave his job in a semi-conductor company to answer it. Originally from Yamaguchi Prefecture, he settled in Beppu, learned the art's basic techniques and became acquainted with artist Satō Chikuyūsai, Shōno Shōunsai's teacher. This encounter would have a determining impact on his new life.
Satoh Haruo's works borrow their language from that of nature - we see a landscape or a moonlit scene here, or a bird there. The universe of curves he creates marvelously renders and translates the artist's respect for his environment. His engagement has earned him invitations to participate repeatedly in many national exhibitions, and at an international one at the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia in 2016.