Wada Waichisai II


Wada Waissai II, also known as Waichisai II (1877-1933)

Waichisai II was the son of Wada Waissai I « Waichisai » I (1851-1901), famous for having won First Prize at the second Japan National Industrial Exhibition in 1881, and for a fruit basket presented in 1894 to Emperor Meiji fo the silver jubilee of his marriage at Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine in Osaka.
This basket was so admired by prince Konoe Tadahiro that he bestowed the artist name of Waichisai (« First in Japan ») on its creator.

In 1907, a few years after the death of his illustrious father, who was also his master, Waichisai II settled in the hot spring town of Arima (Hyōgo Prefecture), renowned as a traditional bamboo basket production center.