Prayer to Peak

Mimoura Chikuho / Bamboo

  • Sold

  • Material

    Bamboo madake & gilded urushi lacquer

  • Size

    74 (h) x 37 x 37 cm


Mimura Chikuho (1973 - )

Mimura's career is still young. He began with ambitions to become a classical trombonist but returned from conservatory in Germany with an interest in working with his hands. He took a part-time job as a gardener and made bamboo fences before returning to his studies, this time at the Beppu Occupational School. There, he founded an association of young bamboo artists.

After graduation, he apprenticed with Beppu artist, Yufu Shohaku, who taught him a traditional, rustic style of basketry that incorporates roots and whole chunks of bamboo. Mimura has used that technique to create his own, contemporary form of sculptural vessels.

An independent artist, Mimura has chosen to sidestep Japan's public exhibition system in favor of work on his own. He has demonstrated basket making for public audiences in Los Angeles, Santa Fe, San Francisco, and Naples, Florida, and was included in "The Next Generation" exhibit at the University of Arkansas. Mimura's work is in the collection of the Ruth and Sherman Lee Institute for Japanese Art.