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  • Material

    Bamboo susudake & lacquer

  • Size

    47.5 (h) x 22 x 17.5 cm

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TANABE Kōunsai (1898-1987)

Susudake honen hanakago (Smoked bamboo basked titled "Rich year with abundant harvest")

The title of the flower vessel is to pray for an abundant harvest and prosperity of the family and the nation in the new year.

Tanabe Kōunsai (1898-1987) was a cousin of Tanabe Chikuunsai II (1910-2000).
In Taisho 5 (1916), a solo exhibition of Chikuunsai I (1877-1937) was held at the Mitsukoshi Department Store (Osaka), it is said that the young cousins Chikuunsai II (aged only 5 then) and Kōunsai (aged circa 17 years old) performed a demonstration weaving the Kikkō-ami (turtle-shell-hexagonal plaiting) and astounded the people watching there.