Flat surface

Honma Kazuaki / Bamboo

  • Sold

  • Material

    Hōbichiku (phoenix tail bamboo)

  • Size

    24 (h) x 19 x 11 cm

  • Period

    After Heisei 8 (1996) The accompanying leaflet covers the artist’s activities up to the Heisei 8th year.

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Flower basket with square flat surface by Honma Kazuaki (1930-2017)

Yotsume-ami (square plaiting)

Honma Kazuaki, based in Niigata Prefecture, was a disciple in the 1950s of the Tokyo-based artist Hayashi Shōgetsusai (1911–1986), who specialized in bent bamboo works.

Kazuaki became renowned for his abstract, large-scale compositions in bent bamboo, which he submitted to the Japanese Modern Craft and Art Exhibitions and Nitten beginning in 1965.

Winner of Grand Prize in 1977 (9th Nitten) and 1983 (15th Nitten).

Museum collections:
Metropolitan Museum New-York
Sado Musem (Japan)
Niigata Prefecture Modern Art Museum (Japan)
Niigata City Museum (Japan)