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  • Material

    Wood, maki-e lacquer, tin and mother-of-pearl inlay (raden)

  • Size

    2.5 (h) x 39.6 x 39.6 cm

  • Period

    Edo period, 18th century

  • Box

    Awasebako (collector’s box)



Old piece of matsu (pine) converted into a sencha tray and decorated with lobster, octopus and turbot

This work magnifies the marquetry technique invented by Ogawa Haritsu (Ritsuō) (1663-1747), a famous lacquer master, painter (ukiyo-e) and haiku poet. Ritsuō is his artist name (gō). His style, called “Haritsu”, incorporates many types of materials such as lead, gold, silver, copper, iron, and fragments of ceramics, ivory and glass into the maki-e lacquer.