Wada Waichisai I


Wada Waichisai I (Ichimatsu)


Born as Ichimatsu. He began his career by taking the studio name Chikuunsai, then he recovered his original name Ichimatsu to end up being called Waichisai. Like his father he began by making utility baskets for farmers and for transporting watermelons; they were quite famous. Encouraged by scholars and lovers of the tea ceremony, he ended up specializing in "high class" bamboo for flowers". In 1881 he received a prize at the 2nd National Industries Exhibition. In 1894, during the celebration of Emperor Meiji's silver anniversary, Sumiyoshi Temple presented a fruit basket of Waichisai for the imperial household. Konoe Tadahiro took the opportunity to present it by the artist name "Waichisai". He taught to many students including Tanabe Chikuunsai I. He is known as one of the three great masters alongside Donkosai of Namba and Shōkosai I of Semba and was an important figure in the world of bamboo craftsmanship in Osaka as a leader of the basket weavers in the Meiji period.

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