• Nous Contacter

  • Matériel

    Asa (bast fiber)

  • Taille

    85 (h) x 200 cm

  • Période

    Edo period, 19th Century


Hitatare (Kyōgen kimono)

Hitatare is one type of Japanese traditional kimono worn by noble males since the Heian period.
Shape changed greatly depending upon the time period.

The top was not a stand-up collar, but was open in front and tied together with a string at the overlap.
Since the Edo period, hitatare has been worn by gagaku (ancient Japanese court dance and music) players and sumo referees. In addition, it remained as a stage costume for kyōgen (a Noh farce) and the kabuki (traditional drama performed by male actors).

Asa is a general term used to refer to cloth woven from bast fiber such as ramie, hemp, linden, wisteria, nettle, kudzu, etc. Asa is akin to linen.