• Vendu

  • Matériel

    Naturally smoked hōbichiku bamboo

  • Taille

    37 (h) x 29 x 29 cm

  • Boîtes



"Yamaji-kago" means "Mountain Path"

Kutsuwa Shōchikusai (active after 1967 and now)

"Tennen-susu hōbichiku, yamaji-kago, hanaire"
(natural susudake hōbichiku bamboo, entitled Mountain Path, flower basket)
"Shōchikusai zō kore with seal Shōchikusai" (Shōchikusai made this, with seal Shōchikusai)

The current generation Kutsuwa Shōchikusai (given name: Kutsuwa Yutaka轡豊) is based in Arima, Kobe City, Hyogo prefecture, and the artist represents the fourth generation in bamboo crafting family tradition.

He started crafting bamboo baskets in April 1967.

His work can be found in the Lloyd Cotsen Collection.