• Vendu

  • Matériel

    Bamboo madake and lacquer

  • Taille

    19 (h) x 21,5 cm

  • Boîtes



Tsurioki hanakago with a handle by Tanabe Chikuunsai II (1910-2000)
(Flower basket with a handle for hanging and placing at the alcove, on tables etc)

Signed "Chikuunsai zo" [Made by Chikuunsai]

Two seals: Tanabe no in, Chikuunsai

Weaving technique : Kikko and sukashi ami weaving

The word « 釣置Tsuri oki » literally means to « hang up » and « put down ».
It is a style of flower vessel with a handle with a flat base.
This style looks equally good for being suspended by the handle in the air or placed on the floor, table, or alcove.