• Sold

  • Material

    Madake bamboo, rattan, lacquer

  • Size

    Ø. 19 cm – H. 40 cm

  • Period


  • Box

    Tomobako, original box signed by the artist Kikkō (hexagonal) sukashi-ami suehiro hanakago Tekisuikyo*1 / Chikuunsai zō

  • Published
    The Beauty of Japanese Bamboo Art - Galerie Mingei

  • More informations

    Signed Chikuunsai zō (made by Chikuunsai)


Hanakago, flower basket with technique of hexagonal weave shape of suehiro

Kikkō sukashi-ami (Mutsume-ami*2) weaving

*1=Tekisuikyo is the name of the place where Chikuunsai the second was living before and after the World War Second for evacuation. It was between 1944 and 1955, and the signature with this description makes it possible to tell the approximate date of the piece.

*2= Kikkō-sukashi-ami weaving is the same technique with mutsume-ami weaving, but the Tanabe family call as this because they use the extremely thin sticks of bamboo and it makes the weaving as the lace (=literally sukashi).