Deme Tōhaku / Mask



Attributed to Deme Tōhaku (1633-1715)

Deme Tōhaku was the 4th head of Ōno-Deme family. Ōno-Deme family was a family line which was famous as a hereditary noh mask maker. Tōhaku was a disciple of Deme Mitsunaga, a leader of the Echizen-Deme family, at first. Afterward he was asked to be an adopted child because he was a man of ability.

Ko-beshimi is not just a downscaled Ō-beshimi, but its tension is stressed by lowering both corners of the mouth. Ō-beshimi is somehow comical in its expression. On the other hand, Ko-beshimi has a strict expression. It is used for the role of an awful fierce god like Emma-daiō of the hell. The wide-open eyes make the face look more rigid.

This Ko-beshimi also has a rigid expression with dignity. Each part is quite fine, including the hairs and beards.

Calligraphy of the backside of the mask: Ko-Beshimi, made by Deme Tōhaku

Ex-Belgium collection